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The challenge of forklift transport

Handling heavy, bulky goods often requires individual solutions – as was the case with one of our customers: This customer specialises in the distribution of forklifts weighing several thousand kilograms on average.

A custom design solution was required

So, when planning to join two building complexes – a new building with two sales floors and an assembly hall – our customer intended to use a lift table for heavy loads. Its aim was to enable transporting forklifts to the upper sales floor and loading and unloading trucks for cargo handling. At the same time, it was important to ensure that the unit would not block the transport routes between the assembly and sales areas. Another key requirement was ease of handling with maximum safety for employees and goods.
ADE Werk delivers know-how
Right from the quotation phase, we supported our customer with comprehensive technical advice and together, we found the answers to all relevant issues. Despite the solution being entirely custom-made, we were able to rely on our expertise from previous orders. Based on the requirement catalogue we had compiled, we planned and manufactured the entire system at our plant in Offenburg. During the installation, we also utilised our long-standing expertise, thus ensuring the system's smooth commissioning.
Multifunctional lift table
Since then, the lift table has been working smoothly. It now serves as a connection between both floors for transporting forklifts with a maximum weight of 12,000kg. For this procedure, the platform can be raised from the ground floor (level 1) to the upper sales floor (level 2) and lowered again. Using the loading function, the forklifts can also be raised from level 1 to the height of the truck loading areas – up to 1,600mm are possible. When not in use, the unit in its lowered state is traversable from all sides with a maximum axle load of 15,000kg and a wheel load of 7,500kg, leaving operational processes unaffected.
Measures for more safety in day-to-day operations
To avoid accidents, the lift table is equipped with a partially retractable handrail, both on the pit and on the platform edge. The unit's safety is further enhanced by its user-friendly control system. Depending on the application, it can be operated from different points: To this end, there are control points on level 1 and level 2 as well as on the lift table. The latter, however, can only be used for heights up to 1,600mm and immediately locks, thereby preventing operators from travelling up to dangerous heights. The protective measures are rounded off by additional safety locking as well as visual and acoustic warning signals.

Technical data:

Dimensions:                 L: 6,216mm; W: 4,826mm; H: 5,800mm
Weight:                        26t
Type of drive:               Hydraulic system
Carrying capacity:        2,000kg; traversable with axle loads of 15,000kg and wheel loads of 7,500kg
                                    (for larger loads, additional supports are supplied)
Fall protection:             Peripheral handrails with a height of 1,100mm


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