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Mini lift gears

Mini lift gear
load up to 1000 daN

  • Drive unit with a direct current gear motor for simple movements with low duty cycle. Duty cycle of max. 20%
  • performance with rotating trapezoid threaded drive screw (type "d") or with stationary trapezoid threaded drive screw (type "s").
  • Various sizes for different operation cases:

              -    Mini Lift Gear MT-10-d - 12 Volts or 24 Volts  closed design max. 120 daN
              -    Mini Lift Gear MT-10-s - 12 Volts or 24 Volts  open design max. 120 daN
              -    Mini Lift Gear MT-16-d - 0-48 Volts closed design max. 1000 daN
              -    Mini Lift Gear MT-16-s - 0-48 Volts open design max. 1000 daN

  • Numerous accessories and special designs complete the delivery program:

              -    Electronic limit switches for MT-10-d; MT-10-s, MT-16-d, MT-16-s
              -    Electronic shut down in case of overload and at the end position
              -    Housing for electronic limit switch is without a control panel
              -    For direct current 12 volts or 24 volts
              -    With a transformer for alternating current 230 volts

             Ancillary equipment for MT-10-d; MT-10-s,
              -    Swivel bracket
              -    Pedestal bearing

              Ancillary equipment for MT-16-d and MT-16-s
              -    Pedestal bearing MT-30301
              -    Bearing pin MT-30302
              -    Pivot bearings MT-30303

You can take the standard measurements and technical data from the product catalogue. Please click on the title page below to download as a PDF.


Types of spindles:

The following spindles are used at ADE, depending on the request:
Acme thread screw   Recirculating ball screw   Planetary roller screw

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages as well as the constructive features of the different spindle drives
Linear actuator

acme thread screw
Linear actuator
recirculating ball screw
Linear actuator
with planetary roller screw
Spindle Rolled precision acme screw Rolled / smoothed threaded spindle Smoothed threaded spindle
Screw nut Bronce screw nut Smoothed ball screw-nut Planetary roller screw-nut
Self-locking effect yes no no
Robustness very high high very high
Shock sensitivity very low medium very low
Speed range medium high very high
Stick-Slip effect present not present not present
Carrying capacity high medium very high
Sensitifity to icing yes no no
Wear yes no no
dependent on duration of operation nearly consistent nearly consistent
Degree of efficiency low very high high
Lifespan medium high very high
Reliability medium high very high


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You can download our technical questionnaire "Drive Technology" HERE 

You can download our technical questionnaire "Drive Technology" HERE 

Online questionnaire "Drive Technology"

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