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Features of belt-operated ADE lift tables:
  • For high positioning precision
  • For sustained height positioning
  • Emergency operation mode possible in the case of broken belt
  • Oil leak-free
  • Simple selection and control by means of current components
  • Optimised power requirements via the scissor curve ("ADE roller lift table")
  • Minimised wear due to performance optimisation without force peaks
  • Minimal maintenance costs

With belt lift tables from ADE, several flat belts in the lift table are wound around a shaft. The dimensioning and establishment of the number of parallel running belts occurs in accordance with the load and correspondingly the required safety.
The belts are smonitored by sensors concerning a belt break.
In the event of a belt break, the lift table can be operated in emergency mode until the next halt in production for repair.

  Through the curve geometry on the scissors, the so-called "roll technology" at ADE-WERK, a linear force and speed course in the drive is guaranteed for the entire lift.
Consequently, force peaks can be excluded; they can significantly influence the life span of the components applied. Likewise, an optimised power consumption has been secured.

  Several, equally taut belts wound around a shaft, the so-called "Winding Technology," are integrated in the table.
  Every belt is monitored by a sensor scanning for breakage.
In the event of a break, a signal is sent to the subordinate control. The lift table can proceed in emergency mode until the time of the repair.

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+49 781 209-0

+49 781 209-99
You can download our technical questionnaire "Lifting Technology" HERE 

You can download our technical questionnaire "Lifting Technology" HERE 

Online questionnaire "Lifting Technology"

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