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Service and after-sales support are of great significance to ADE-WERK.

"Customer Support" is not just on paper. We are aware of the responsibility that a lift table can be a bottleneck in a manufacturing or logistics line and that the absence of a operation element can mean the standstill of larger processes.
Therefore we help our customers in the best possible way, beginning with a simple telephone call for guidance all the way to global service assignments. The objective is always the fastest possible success by preferably unbureaucratic means.

You are mentored by qualified trained service technicians in the areas of lifting technology and drive technology.

Installations on site with organisation of lifting devices such as a mobile crane and other tools. In some cases, we also receive support from regional companies who aid us with personnel and/or machines for installations. We are, in part, also on site prior to the installation in order to plan the details and procedures with the customer.

Repairs of all ADE and Nagel products and, in many instances, also other businesses.

Modifications of facilities in which lifting or drive technology is applied.

Commissioning - both domestic and foreign support for new or renovated facilities with lifting and drive technologies.

Annual Inspection and acceptance of lift tables according to EN 1570 as well as services that often must be conducted in connection with the acceptance.

Screening and maintenance of electrical lifting gears that are utilised in the hydraulic steelworks.

Training from service and maintenance personnel on our products.

Consultation regarding the need for spare parts.

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